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Memphis St Cafe ~ Diners Drive Inns And Dives Stop ~ Hernando Mississippi

I think I have said before that every time we go into a town and they have a restaurant that has been visited by Guy Fieri who does the show Diners Drive-Inns and Dives, we have to stop.

Actually, we had no idea this was a restaurant that was on the Diners, Drive-Inns and Dives until my Hubs went in to check it out.

I happened to be in the Desoto County Court House across the street taking pictures of their murals and Hubs was checking out the town.

This is the building the restaurant is in.  From across the street, it looks like it is going to be a big place to eat in.  

When I crossed the street, I seen the sign pointing left.  So okay, left I go.

And down we go into the depths of the restaurant which is in the basement of the building.

Right inside the front door, was the poster signed by Guy Fieri.  Very cool!!

Hubs ordered the Reuben that is made with homemade saurkraut.  That was the reason he ordered it.  We make our own homemade saurkraut and it tastes so much better than anything you can buy.   You really should try to make your own.  Once you do, you will never want to eat store bought again.

Hubs said this was probably the very best reuben he has ever eaten.    That made up for the crummy waitress we had.... but there was another girl.... not our waitress who made sure we had napkins etc.   Wish I would have gotten her name because she was great.  So thank you to the waitress with short blond hair.   They need to train the  other girl to be more like her.  I even had to get up to get my own silverware.  Whats up with that??

Memphis St Cafe
2476 Memphis St
Hernando, Mississippi 38632


  1. I haven't had a reuben in forever! I love Guy Fieri and DDD is one of my favorite shows on tv, so if he gives it a thumbs up, I would have tried out the place, too!!

  2. Oh I need to go there. I adore reubens.

  3. Guy Fieri came to our town and did a show on a local sandwich place that was supposed to be insanely good. And the sandwiches on TV DID look insanely good. When Mrs. C. and I went to check out the place the sandwiches were NOT insanely good. They didn't even look like the mouthwatering treat Guy sank his teeth into.

  4. That reuben looks so yummy!!! I want!!! I wonder if there are any restaurants here that he's been to? I hardly follow that, since I don't have cable. I do know that The Jones Bros. Cupcakes was on Cupcake Wars. I've never eaten there, but I heard they are REALLY good!

  5. It is so funny to see waitresses working side by side one really good and the other one not. I know I used to work with a lot of nots:)
    Great spot though. B

  6. How fun!!! I would love to stop at all of his stops!

  7. Nice picture sequence and interesting story. Glad you enjoyed yourselves in spite of the mixed service.

  8. oh my that Reuben looks great. I have not had a Reuben in years. Too bad about the waitress.


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