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Robert Wholey Co. ~ Strip District ~ Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

We try to make it to the Strip District in Pittsburgh at least once a month.  Doesn't always happen because life gets in the way.

When we do go, one of our favorite places is Wholey's.  They mostly sell fresh fish but have a lot of other groceries to offer also.

For the last few years, on Christmas Eve, My Mother In Law does the 7 fish thing.   This is usually where we take her to get her seven different fish.     It is something the Catholics do and since I am not catholic, I don't know exactly what the 7 fish stand for.
My Husband says she never used to do this when they were kids but just started it.   He thinks it is a waste because the family can't eat that much food and everyone is trying to cut down on their eating.

The first thing we do when going into Wholey's is to get some food to eat like "right now".  You stand in line, give your order and then we run upstairs and sit and eat.   They have clam strips that my Hubs loves.   Me.. I don't eat so much fried foods.

This fisherman is lighting the way to the bathrooms only his light doesn't work.

This pig ( Huge Piggy Bank ) stands as you are leaving the store.  She is life sized so I could sit on her if I wanted.  This pig has a name and it is Rachael and all the money that is put into Rachael goes to charity.

Robert Wholey Co Is located at
1711 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, Pa 15222


  1. Awesome place. I was there years ago.

  2. I like the idea of the big piggy bank with money going to charity!

  3. I want to know what the 7 fish thing is all about!!! LOVE the big pig!!!

  4. Clearly, I need to get to PA!!! :)

  5. That piggy bank is so cool and it's awesome that the money donated goes to charity.


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