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Grove City Premium Outlets ~ Grove City Pennsylvania

So you like to go shopping?  How about shopping at Brand Name stores all located in one shopping center?   You can shop till you drop or maybe you might run out of cash first.  I always run out of cash before I am finished shopping.

Welcome to Grove City Premium Outlets.
Grove City, Pennsylvania is just a small town but attracts visitors from all over to shop the outlets.

Many of our Canadian friends hop a bus to shop here.

Lots of stores to shop in, and I only took a couple of pictures of them.  
My Hubs loves the Jockey store that is in this outlet.  They have a lot of sales and he also goes online to get discouts.
If truth be known, my Hubs shops more than I do!  I think he gets it from his Mom.

Grove City Premium Outlets are located at

1911 Leesburg Grove City Rd
Grove City, Pa 16127


  1. I didn't realize that you were that close to Canada.

    We have outlets near us, too, and I've gotten some awesome deals there, but sometimes I really have to look for them.

  2. Outlets are fun, especially if you actually have $ to blow!

  3. How fun! I like going to Kansas City for that reason; the plaza has all kind of shops like that! It's fun to get a lot of shopping done at once.

  4. I don't enjoy shopping. By the way, when you ask someone what they want for Christmas it isn't helpful when the person says, "I'd like anything."

  5. I think that's one thing I don't do enough -- outlet shop! Hey, let's go together!

  6. Masshole Mommy,
    I live about 3 hours from the Canadian Border. When I lived in Erie, pa it was about half that time.

    They are fun but I don't do it often.

    I don't think I have ever been to Kansas City, but sure would like to go there..

    For some reason, ... I knew you wouldn't like to shop. LOL>.. that would make it easy to shop for that person if they said Get me whatever you want to. I would get them a gift card. Easy Peasy

    I am ready when you are!!!!!!

  7. I think the shopping gene skipped went straight from my mom to my daughter, they can 'browse' for HOURS then go back and get the first thing they looked at! Still, there is a solution which makes us all happy if they talk me into going with them; I find a bookstore with a coffee shop and settle in. Just as soon as I'm comfy they're done shopping, works like a charm!

  8. I love shopping. I love outlets. The one closet to me is called Woodbury Commons. Super bus. Cheers!!

  9. I shopping at Outlets! And any other shopping malls too. lol

  10. I love going to the outlets. We have one just about twenty minutes out of town and it's awesome! I love going to The Childrens Place outlet and The Carter's Outlet for my children and to the Coach outlet for me! ;)


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