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Shaggys Beach Bar And Grill ~ Biloxi Mississippi

While we were visiting the Green Street Health in Carrollton, we told them we were headed to Biloxi and the secretary told us to be sure to stop in to eat at Shaggys.

This seems like a place for the younger crowd.  I bet they have great night life in this bar.  I wouldn't know because I am in bed when most of the partying starts. 
 Great view of the water if you want to sit outside.  It was pretty hot that day and the sun was brutal, so we decided to sit inside and look out the windows.

Hubs only got the clam dip and chips and I got a salad that was made with bagged lettuce.  I hate bagged lettuce.  I want my romaine freshly cut.   I know I should of ask before I ordered it but I never thought about it.
The food was okay... just okay.  We would probably not go back because we found some other places that we really liked.
Shaggys Beach Bar And Grill
1763 Beach Blvd
Biloxi, Mississippi
* We were not compensated for this post.  We paid for our own food.


  1. Shaggy's makes me think of Scooby Doo!

  2. I love when I can sit in a restaurant and look out into the ocean.

  3. Lol, what a fun looking place, too bad the food wasnt that good! It sounds like a fun place to go to at night, even though Im not much into the party or bar scene.

  4. That looks like a pretty and neat place. The water is so blue and the food looks pretty tasty. I'm like you though, I'm in bed when everyone else is partying and I can't stand bagged lettuce.
    I'm so glad I came to your site. For whatever reason it made me remember I had to make a dash to town (perhaps the traveling lol). I've done that and come back with my thanks.

  5. I will take your word for this one. I can not stand bagged salad! At least the view was nice. I think all us grandmas are in bed before the party.

  6. Wow - I have never, ever been served a salad out of a bag at a restaurant. Ick.

  7. Definitely looks like a place for the party crowd. Good ocean view, though!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)

  8. Looks like a great place to stop in n EAT. Kinda looks like an olde 50's - 60's Diner we all used to hang out at , and had best hamburgers ever. Nice photos and love the view of the water. Thanks for dropping by my Blog today.
    Have a great day n thanks a bunch, Eh. Lilly


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