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Herbal Alternatives Herb Shop ~ Gulfport Mississippi

No matter where I go, I always seek out herb shops..... why? .... well, if you know me, you know I have had a very hard time healing from candida.   Herbs have healed so many problems I have had to deal with.   You can read my blog My Journey With Candida

We found this little Herb Shop called Herbal Alternatives in Gulfport, Mississippi.

We ended up buying so many herbs and teas.   The manager probably thought I was nuts because I kept asking him what this and that herb did.  He was good, I can tell you that much.  No matter what I ask him, he knew what it did.

Before we got out of that store, I ended up with a box full of herbs and lots of teas.

Herbal Alternatives
11530 Hwy 49
Gulfport, Mississippi 39503

They also have a store in Waveland, Mississippi if you are interested
2410 McLaurin Street  228-467-1686

* We were not compensated for this post.  I paid for all my herbs.


  1. Score! I love little shops like that. We have one by my house called No Name Nutrition. Kind of a lame name, but I love the place.

  2. I hope none of those herbs make your tongue feel fuzzy.

  3. Always nice to find someone behind the counter who knows what he is talking about. B

  4. Good customer service is always an incentive to shop - good for you for keeping them in business! :)

  5. Anonymous12:45 PM

    Sometimes owners/managers sound so GOOD at telling you what esoteric-seeming things do that I believe they make it up on the fly. ~Mary

    1. Hahahaha, you may be right. But I can use them at some point anyway.

  6. I love that he was so knowledgable. That's so important in an herb store.

  7. We have a couple of excellent herb shops is a dangerous

  8. Did you spend a lot of money while you were there? It's great when you find a shop perfect for you!

  9. WOw, your lucky you found that little shop. I bet he didn't think you were crazy at all. Since he was so knowledgeable he probably already knows the importance of taking them :)

  10. I am always looking for herbs. I bet he was happy to share his knowledge about herbs. I will pass this information on to my friend who lives in the area. Perhaps she can pick up some good herbs.


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