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Aoyama Japanese Steak House And Lounge ~ Erie Pennsylvania

My Husband loves sushi.  Me, I can take it or leave it.   I will only eat cooked sushi, no raw fish is going to touch these lips.

For his Birthday, I decided to take him to have his favorite meals.  SUSHI!  

It was a rainy day when we went, you can see the rain drops on the picture that I snapped really fast as we were driving in.

Aoyama is located in Erie, Pennsylvania right near the Mill Creek Mall
970 Mill Creek Mall
Erie, Pa 16509
(814) 868-7999

The one thing I probably like best in a Japanese Restaurant,  is the Miso Soup.  If you have never tasted it, you should give it a try.   I buy it at Walmart in a package of 3.  It is an instant soup that you just add water.  I think it tastes as good as any you can get out.

This is my Hubs plate of Sashimi.  Chunks of RAW Fish!!   Disgusting!!

I am not a huge eater, but this plate below was a good price.

You see the rolls on the back left?  Those are California Rolls, cooked sushi and they are mine.   I refuse to eat raw fish.    I even grabbed it off the plate really fast so it would touch any raw fish.  All the raw stuff on my plate was eaten by my Hubs.  Happily I might add.

We try to go to Aoyama's every chance we get to Erie because the food is so fresh and the staff is so friendly. 

They also cook hibachi style here, but we always sit at the sushi bar where we get to watch them make the sushi.

If you are ever in Erie, Pa.  Look them up and give them a try.  I don't think you will be disappointed.


  1. Oh yum! Yum, yum! Although I'm with you about not touching sashimi I do love a good California Roll.

    We have a WONDERFUL restaurant here in Terre Haute called Umi Sushi...the best I've ever had, including in California. They do have a website and if you should ever head through town I would highly recommend a stop there.

  2. Oh I love Sushi Sashimi is my favourite especially salmon. In Ontario and I think in all Canada it is the law that raw fish must be frozen first to kill all bacteria and parasites. I love it and feel quite safe. I also love Misho soup and seaweed salad. Yummy I wish I lived near there or any sushi place.Oh and Wasabi yum yum :) B

  3. I love sushi and could probably eat it every day. I used to enjoy the raw tuna but my environmental sensitivity has gotten the best of me and the oceans are being stripped of I don't eat it too much anymore.

  4. Ick - raw fish IS disgusting. I've eaten at the Japanese steak house at Epcot in Disney twice and it's one of our favorite stops - but I get chicken & steak, not sushi. Hubs and I aren't big on seafood.

  5. Oh I love sushi! I would gladly eat the raw stuff you don't want. And I love miso soup too - especially when it has little pieces of tofu in it!

  6. No raw fish for me either. We always eat hibachi style cooking. The grandchildren love the show they put on filpping the knives and balencing an egg. I have not tried the California Rolls yet but I am planning to next time we eat out.

  7. I love sushi! I like the cooked kind though. Miso soup is good. :) I just saw on 20/20 that White Tuna in sushi is a scam. There is no such thing as a White Tuna. It's an entirely different fish that is less good for you. Just an FYI.

  8. I'd happily go with some japanese steak but the sushi I can do without!

  9. My inlaws would love that place. Me on the other hand, I am just not a fan of sushi.


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