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The Tunica Queen Riverboat ~ Tunica Mississippi

If you would like to see the Mighty Mississippi River in all her glory, be sure to take a ride on the Tunica Queen Riverboat sight seeing cruise.

You will ride the Mississppi River for about 1 1/2 hours with the captain as your narrator learning some of the history of the area.

I didn't take the tour this time around because we did it a couple of years ago and I wish I could find my pictures I had of the Tunica Queen.

You can also take a 30 minute airboat ride if you are interested.  This takes you places that most boats can't go.

The Address of the Tunica Queen Riverboat is One Riverpark Drive, Tunica Resorts, (Robinsonville) Mississippi.

Check out More Things To Do In Tunica, Mississippi

Gateway To The Blues Visitor Center

Family Market ~ Grocery Store

The Town Of Tunica

The Tunica Museum

Mhoon Landing.... This is a GREAT place to see the Mississipi River, plus you can picnic here.

Tunica Queen Riverboat ~ This is a great way to see the Mighty Mississippi

Cotton Growing In Tunica ~ If you are in Tunica at the right time of year, you can see cotton growing in the fields.

See Milo Growing

Tate Log House ~ Be sure not to miss this log house built in 1840

Tunica Riverpark Nature Trail ~ There is a small charge for this


  1. Wish I could go! I think I live a little too far away, maybe someday. Thanks for stopping by for a visit :)

  2. This sounds wonderful and I'll seriously consider booking a ride the next time I'm in the area.

  3. I bet that's a fun ride. The boys even liked going on a water taxi in Chicago this year. This would be way cooler.

  4. This sounds really fun. I'd love to do an airboat ride.

  5. I wonder if some of these rides have come to a stop with the water levels being so low in places? I'm not saying on the Mississippi, I'm just saying in lower water levels. I bet boat businesses are not doing well this year.


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