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Bubi's Awesome Eats ~ Man Vs Food Stop Windsor Canada

Located at
Bubi's Awsome Eats
620 University Avenue W
Windsor, Ontario Canada

If you are a Man Vs Food Fan like my Hubs is, you will look for restaurants that have been on the television show. Everytime we go to a new city, my Hubs will search out these restaurants. That is how we found Bubi's Awesome Eats located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.


Hub had a really hard time choosing what he wanted to eat but finally decided on The Red Hot Hamburger!

My Hubs says his Red Hot Hamburger was GREAT!!  His words as he was eating was Good... Really Good!!     Some like it Hot!!  Some like it Hotter!!
So Bubi's, you pass my Hubs Burger test!

I had already eaten so, While my Hubs was eating, I entertained myself by reading the bottle of Catch-Up.    It says, Don't Be Fooled By The Bottle, This Is Catch-Up.   We recycle the bottle over and over.  FDA Warning... This Ketchup may have been on someone elses plate yesterday.  It said a lot of other funny things on the bottle also.  

Bubi's Awsome Eats has an 8 pound burger and was on the TV show Man Vs Food awhile back.  If you can finish their 8 pound burger in 90 minutes you are awarded a free T shirt.  I also read you get $1,000 but not sure if they are still doing that.  It is called The Bunda Big V8.

* We were not compensated for this post.  I just thought you might like hearing about it.


  1. Wow I am really going to have to try harder to get past Hamilton when I go that way. This makes me hungry all those nice photos.
    A free Tshirt not worth getting sick but $1000 maybe:) B

  2. 8 lbs?!? And here I thought a quarter pounder was a big burger!

  3. Just looking makes my mouth water. Love it! Cheers!!

  4. That free T-shirt better come in XXL.

  5. 8 lbs? Do they also pay the doctor's bills?

  6. Oh wow, 8 lb burger! That would feed all the men in our family. That is crazy. Your husbands burger sure looks good.

  7. For the misery one would feel after eating that big of a meal, $1000 is a fair prize! Your hub's burger, on the other hand, that looks alright!

  8. That food does look good!

  9. Oh how fun is that! I would love eating at the places featured on the show. I am also a fan of that show. One time a local burger place was featured on the show and i was like omg ive totally been there!

  10. Anonymous4:44 PM

    I looked this one up & read it because I've actually heard the place is great. Sounds like I've heard right.~Mary


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