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Milo ~ The Grain Sorghum Plant

We happened to see this plant growing all over the place in Tunica, Mississippi while on vacation.  
I thought because of the drought conditions that it was a corn field that didn't grow.  Come to find out it is Milo and they use it as food for livestock and horses.
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Gateway To The Blues Visitor Center

Family Market ~ Grocery Store

The Town Of Tunica

The Tunica Museum

Mhoon Landing.... This is a GREAT place to see the Mississipi River, plus you can picnic here.

Tunica Queen Riverboat ~ This is a great way to see the Mighty Mississippi

Cotton Growing In Tunica ~ If you are in Tunica at the right time of year, you can see cotton growing in the fields.

See Milo Growing

Tate Log House ~ Be sure not to miss this log house built in 1840

Tunica Riverpark Nature Trail ~ There is a small charge for this


  1. Very interesting. I note that the plant is called Milo. There is a popular drink by that name. I am a new Follower of your Blog.

  2. I didn't even know there was milo.

  3. These are nice pics (they remind me of Fall).
    I like that you put the blog hop button on your post...that is very cool!

  4. I have seen this growing down south before but had no idea what it was.

  5. Thank you for sharing at the hop xo

  6. We don't see it much at all in Nebraska, although we have planted some around our pond for erosion control.

  7. It looks pretty in the field. I've never seen this crop before.

  8. Thank you for sharing on the Thursday hop my friend xo


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