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Louisville Mega Cavern ~ Louisville Kentucky

Recently we went on vacation, our destination was Tunica, Mississippi. When I travel, I like to stop at all the interesting places along the way, that appeal to me.

On thing I like to do is visit caverns and caves, Yep! Caverns! AND Caves! But not just any cavern. You won't see me crawling through a hole in the ground fighting snakes, bugs and bats to see one. I want all the comforts of home caverns. Whatever that is!!

We knew we would be traveling through Louisville, Kentucky so I decided that I wanted to stop at the Louisville Mega Cavern.

This is not just a CAVERN but a MEGA EXPERIENCE, with MegaZips. I can hear you guys.... You are wondering what the heck a MegaZip is. Do any of you like zip lining? How about Zip lining through a cavern? Sounds pretty cool huh?
Not many people that can say they ziplined through a cavern.

They have 5 Zip Lines and 3 Challenge Bridges. Don't be a Scaredy Cat because you will have a tour guide that will lead you on up to a 2 hour tour through Never Before Seen Sections of the Louisville Mega Cavern. If you are a thrill seeker, this Zip Line tour is for you!!

So your are not into Zip Lining? No worries! They have a tour that all of us zip line chickens can do. Here we are on our tour!

My Hubs and I, along with other chickens people hopped on an SUV pulled tram. Our Mega Cavern Epert (tour guide) came right along with us.

Check out all the great things we seen
 Early Cavern Formations

A Historic Replica Of The Cuban Missle Fallout Bunker

A Worm Recyling/Tasting Room (This is a must see) YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS HERE!!

Sights And Facts Of Early Mining Operations

We Heard About Their Storm Dog And Pigeon Eating Hawk.... If I would have had that Hawk with me on an earlier vacation, I never would of gotten pooped on by that darn pigeon.

There is so much more to see... You need to take the time and check this out. Such a GREAT day we had.  My Husband is still talking about it..

I almost forgot to mention the great gift shop

This Cavern stays at 58 degrees year round and my Hubs was in his glory. Me, I brought a jacket.

For those of you with handicaps, this also has a wheelchair access

If you have any questions about the Louisville Mega Cavern, contact
Trey Moreau
Director of Sales & Marketing
Louisville MEGA Cavern

Direct: (502) 855-3581
Mobile: (502) 314-1922
Main: (502) 855-6342
FAX: (502) 855-3582

1841 Taylor Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213

"Your Underground Adventure Awaits!"


  1. Susan7:07 AM

    I can't wait to tell my sister about this. They zipline where ever they go. I don't think they have ever zipped through a cave.

  2. How fun!!!! Hugs and wishes for a lovely week ahead.

  3. That looks so fun. I would be ALL about that zipline!!

  4. How fun! I love the colors in that first image!

  5. Love the colored lights and this does sound like alot of fun. :)

  6. That place sounds kinda crazy and so cool! I'm gonna see how far of a drive it is!

  7. wow! that looks like a fun place for everyone!

  8. This looks so nice, have been to Carlsbad Caverns when I was little, would love to go back!

  9. Ziplining sounds like it is right up my alley. I am going to put this on our list of places to do and see.

  10. We are going to try to visit every state in the US and hit some to the top cities. I need to check this out and see if we can fit it in on our Kentucky trip.


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