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Gateway To The Blues Visitor Center Tunica Mississippi ~ Haint Wine Bottle Tree ~ How To Use Those Old Wine Bottles

If you travel much in the Southern United States, you will find wine bottle trees being proudly displayed outside.  You usually see them in the bayous or country side of Mississippi,  Louisiana, Kentucky or Alabama.   
This wine bottle tree above (sometimes called haint) can be found inside Gateway To The Blues Visitor Center in Tunica, Mississippi.

Why do people make wine bottle trees?   They say wine bottle trees will keep away evil spirits.   Evil spirits that are looking for trouble are attracted to the beautiful colors and end up trapped in the bottle.  They stay trapped until the morning sun comes out and burns them up, no more evil spirits!!

The blue bottles are for health and are said to catch the evil spirits that spread illness.

I like them and am thinking of making myself one for in my garden next year.   It is a great way to recycle those old beautiful bottles.

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Gateway To The Blues Wine Bottle Tree


  1. I've always been fascinated by bottle trees!

  2. I had seen these years ago while traveling down south. I thought they were a great conversation piece and they didn't know what to do with all the wine bottles they emptied.

  3. Wouldn't this be great to have in your garden? I love it. I bet you could put any pretty bottles on it.

  4. This is the first time I have ever seen or heard of a wine bottle tree. I have put lights into wine bottles and it lights the bottle up.

  5. I should have one. I was all the evil spirits gone. They are pretty.

  6. Bring on dem evil spirits. Personally, I think evil spirits are afraid of me. I love this idea because it is way cool and funky. Totally something I would love in my own home. Cheers!!


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