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Visiting Dash New York, New York Soho Neighborhood

On our last trip to New York City, we decided we wanted to visit DASH.   DASH  is the ladies clothing store that Kourtney, Kim Kardashian and Klohe Kardashian Odem own.

Very easy store to find, but really not worth our trip.  We went into DASH and Holy cow!!  what happened to all the clothing??    Kind of messy looking also.  Whats up with that!  I pictured this store being as cute as the Kardashian girls.   Well, it wasn't

DASH Is located at
119 Spring St
(between Greene St & Mercer St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: SoHo


  1. Hahaha... I was just to Dash

  2. Well who woulda thunk it?!?

  3. thanks for the follow -- i'm following you too now! safe travels... xo

  4. I have never been to SoHo let alone Dash.

  5. Emily4:50 AM

    I love watching the Kardashians and will have to put this on my list of places to visit the next time I am in NYC.

    Wow! Thank you so much. You have showed me a lot of places I want to see the next trip.

  6. You are showing me so many things to see and do on my next trip to The Big Apple. I thank you!


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