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My Visit To Ground Zero And The World Trade Center June 2012

When visiting NYC, it is a must that you go see Ground Zero.   I was very humbled to see how far they have come in rebuilding after this terrible ordeal.  It still brings tears to my eyes

This Flag Of Honor is on sale at the gift shop at Ground Zero.  It is composed of all the names of those who died on the terrorist attack of September 11, 2012.   For me, on that dreaded day, I was shocked an devastated that something like this could happen to our Great Country.

Below are just some of the surrounding buildings that are going up.  There is a lot of construction yet.  I am going to make it a point to go back again in maybe a year to check it all out again.

This is walking into the Memorial Plaza at The World Trade Center

This is one of the two Memorial Pools that cover the exact footprints of the Twin Towers

The Survivor Tree, which is a pear tree,  was found broken, charred and dying.
Some of the workers found it and pulled it out. It  was nursed back to health in a Bronx park.
Now standing at 30 feet, it is four times the size it was in 2001, towering  above newly planted trees in Memorial Plaza at the World Trade Center.

To me this tree is a sign that we are unshakeable and will come back stronger than ever.  I just get the chills looking at it.

If you are planning on visiting Ground Zero, be sure to get visitor passes before you go.  Just google 911Memorial Visitor Pass.    You need to do this well in advance because they need to check you out before you come.   Also, you need to have identification with you.

Before you even get into see Ground Zero, you go through a scan just like you would if you are getting on a plane.   Not fun, but well worth your trouble.


  1. That pear tree amazes me that it lived through all that devastation.

  2. Emily4:52 AM

    This is already on my list of things to do and thank you for letting me know I will need a visitor pass. I had no idea.

  3. I was there a year ago before they got as far along as they are now. I can't wait to stop back again.


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