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Central Park New York City

You can literally get lost in this huge park.  150 acres in 7 waterbodies , 250 acres of lawns  and
136 acres of woodlands.   If you plan on going to Central Park, plan on it being a day trip.  Even one day is hard to get through it.

 Whether you are out for a hike
or  you just want to relax and have a picnic on a blanket

Or maybe you would rather sit on a rock

Play ball anyone??

There is something here for everyone and you shouldn't miss it.


  1. Emily4:43 AM

    I have been to Central Park and it is beautiful there. Next time, I am going to have a picnic in the park

  2. There sure is a lot of land there and right in the middle of NYC.

  3. One of my favorite places in NYC. I've lived in New York for five years now and have gone Central Park many many times and still I can't get enough of it. It changes with the seasons and seems always new and always beautiful.


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