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Atlantic City New Jersey Korean War Memorial

I am always very humbled when I visit a war memorial and see how many brave men and women gave their lives so we could have freedom.

Located at Brighton Park where Park Place meets the Boardwalk

This is dedicated to ensure that future generations remember veterans.   It just gives me the chills thinking about these men that gave their life for me.   I remember my Dad telling a few stories about his time in the war.   Later I found out that he didn't tell us what he really did.   His job was a very tough job and I can understand why he wouldn't tell kids.   Now that I know, I wish I didn't.

My Dad was one of the first men in after the fighting was over.  He had to find the dog tags and put them with the correct body.   It makes me sick to know that he had to do this.   I of course am not going to tell you all I know, it just is so mind boggleing.   I am sure you men that have been there, know how things were done.    I am so sad for my Dad.  He is now gone so I can't even talk to him about this.   I am sure he was just so devastated seeing all the death and destruction.

How do these men live with seeing that after they come home?   I would have nightmares for the rest of my life.  And, maybe my Dad did.  I will never know.

So, to those of you who risk you life so we can have freedom.  I appreciate you very much and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. Emily4:42 AM

    So sorry your Dad had to endure so much during the war.

  2. Our soldiers were and are fearless and selfless. I can not imagine what they have to indure when our country is at war.

  3. I am going to check this out the next time we are in AC. I usually just go to play, and never see any of the sights


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