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You Can Eat Gluten Free In Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

Who would of thought I would be able to find a gluten free menu in a restaurant in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Not me!! Slippery Rock is the last place I would have looked. But sure enough,  The North Country Brewing Co has a section in their menu for those that eat gluten free.   They also have a regular menu for those of you who don't eat gluten free.

If local brewing interests you, they have some unique brews to try.  You will not be disappointed.

This is located right near Slippery Rock University.

141 S Main Street
Slippery Rock, Pa



  1. Very cool that you found a place to eat gluten free. That sure is an old building by looking at the sign.

  2. What a super find for you. Congratulations!

  3. Well good for you at fining a gluten free restaurant.

  4. I don't eat gluten free but I did check out their menu and they offer quite a variety of foods

  5. Emily4:58 AM

    That looks like such a quaint little place. I pass through Slippery Rock about once a year. My Husband and I are planning on stopping here the next trip through. Thank you so much for posting this.

  6. Very nice for and and great that they don't only have gluten free.


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