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Seaside, New Jersey Where The Reality Show Jersey Shore Is Taped

While in Atlantic City,  New Jersey,  I had to visit Seaside,  where the reality show Jersey Shore is taped... I just had to see this place.   Check out how I got to Seaside

Really, I thought this place was bigger than what it was.   I was very surprised at how small it was.  When you watch Jersey Shore, you see Snookie, JWow, Vinny, Pauly D and Mike take a taxi to Karma.   IT IS JUST A FEW BLOCKS!!   Why can't these people walk to it????

Anyway, I did enjoy seeing where it was taped but read this post  to understand just how hard it is to get to ..... unless you drive a car to it.  To get to Seaside from Atlantic City was a real trip...

If you watch Jersey Shore, you have seen the Shore Store on it many times.  Of course, none of the gang was working that day.   I kind of get the feeling that they aren't there all that often.

This is the house they rent for the show.  I think the guy who owns the Shore Store owns it.

The brown house on the right of the screen is the back of the house that the Jersey Shore gang stays in.

 I am sure if you watch Jersey Shore, you have seen both the ferris wheel and the chairs on the show.

 So, now that you have seen my pictures of Seaside, New Jersey.  Check out How we got to Seaside.

One last picture and if you watch Jersey Shore, you will know exactly what it is.


  1. Ahhhh, Karma. I have seen it many times while watching Jersey Shore.

  2. I must confess. I watch Jersey Shore. LOL, I have seen all these places on the show.

  3. Not sure why anyone would want to go to Seaside to see where Snookie spends her summer. But okay, you did it.

  4. Go Snookie, go Snookie. Snookie is going to be a Mommy now.

  5. So you didn't get to see snookie!!

  6. Emily4:53 AM

    Hahahahahaaa, You and I must watch the same shows. I would love to go and just check this place out.

  7. I have never seen Jersey Shore but my friends talk a lot about it. I am going to check the show out but will probably never get to Seaside.


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