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Cabelas ~ Wheeling, West Virginia

We love visiting Cabelas.  It takes us a couple of hours to drive there and usually through all kinds of construction.

But the drive is well worth the agony of going through miles and miles of construction.

We can browse for hours in Cabelas, Me looking at all the cool stuffed animals and my Hubs looking at everything he wants to buy

Above is a little set up they have in Whitetail World.  They have so many different whitetails

All through the store are displays like these


Store Address: One Cabela Drive
Triadelphia, WV 26059

Phone: (304) 238-0120


  1. We love visiting Cabelas. They have some of the coolest displays there are.

  2. Oh My, don't talk to me about construction. I see it everywhere I go.

  3. West Virginia makes me think of that song John Denver sang. Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains ETC.

  4. My Husband likes Cabelas, me, not so much.

  5. Emily5:02 AM

    I have been to Cabelas before but not this one. I just go for the displays, my Husband does the shopping here.

  6. I think most every Cabelas I have been into has been like this one. They are a very cool store.


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