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Raisch Log Cabin ~ Sharpsville, Pennsylvania

Dr. Frederick Raisch Log Cabin Location: Sharpsville Community Park, Sharpsville, PA, along the Shenango River near Lock Number 10 of the Erie Extension Canal. Facilities: One-room pioneer era (1790-1810) log cabin. Contact: Mercer County Historical Society main office (724) 662-3490.

The house was not open to look inside but I walked around the outside and took pictures. This is located right near the Erie Extension Canal, at the Sharpsville Area Recreation Park.

Area Recreation Park ~ Erie Extension Canal

These are both in the same spot, right next to the Raisch Log Cabin. This is such a beautiful place, with picnic tables and a very nice paved path to take a short stroll on.

The old Erie Extension Canal is located here, if you click on the above picture, you can read what the sign says.

There were a lot of fishermen on the Shenango River. This is just a beautiful place to visit.

You can walk this paved path until it ends in the woods, I did see a small path going through the woods but didn't follow it. This is a place that is well worth seeing.


  1. Emily5:07 AM

    This is near Hermitage right? Wow, I may have to spend a day or two visiting all these neat place when I stop in to the Avenue Of The Flags.

  2. We need more people like you telling us why we should visit different towns. When I go places, I try to find everything there is to do in that town. You have showed me a lot of places and things to do in Sharpsville


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