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Hogback Road ~ Hermitage Pa

If You Are In For Spooky, Weird, Strange Maybe even Haunted

Hogback Road is said to be the area that was and is still used by the KKK. It is said there were people were killed under this bridge. If you put your keys on the bridge for 5 minutes,Your car will not start. It is also said to be HAUNTED!!! We went in broad daylight on a sunny day, if you keep scrolling, you will see sun, plus a mist that came out of nowhere

Here is the sign that is at the beginning of Hogback Road.

This bent tree is right near the bridge....What could of cause it to bend like this? Nature or Spook?

So the story goes....If you leave your keys on the bridge for 5 minutes, your car possibly won't start.

We weren't sure where to leave our keys so we left them in this spot also......Our car started so...that shoots that fable. Maybe they had to be left on the old bridge that was torn down and a new one replaced.... below is what I believe to be the turnoff to where the old bridge was.

I am not sure, but I think this was the old road that led to the old bridge, we did not go back the road because we are not sure who owns it. We did not want to trespass.
To read more stories about Hogback Road go to Hogback Road
Here we are on a nice sunny day, checking out Hogback Road that is said to be haunted....Where is all this mist coming from?

When I turned to take a picture of the road from the other direction....there is even more mist.
Just a little spooky if you ask me.

Big Bad Bob doesn't look afraid

I can't believe all this mist. After reading both entrys, what do you think....Maybe you should go there and check it out for yourself. Then leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.


  1. Anonymous9:30 PM

    i just went there last night at 12:00 am on a full moon, we saw wierd green latern looking lights in the woods walking towards us, we had the keys on the bridge for 7 minutes and when i ran to get them the car did not start!! we were very scared. this was on 6/05/12

  2. I would probably pee my pants if I tried to start the car and it wouldn't start.

  3. Emily5:05 AM

    I am not into spooky or weird so I think I will pass on this one.

  4. I get spooked out easily so I think I will stay with Emily and go have a cup of coffee.

  5. Yes I went there tonight. Put my keys on the bridge. Car started right up. But I felt strange. Can't explain it. It's a beautiful place. Id like to investigate further without getting into trouble...


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