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Some Things You Might See While Walking The Las Vegas Strip ~ Beggars On Las Vegas Strip

If you like walking, be sure to take a walk on the Las Vegas Strip.   You will be entertained for hours, even when it is cold outside.

I seen a guy at the bus stop in front of us wearing this shirt, so I ask him if I could take a picture of it for my blog.  

There is batman!!  Is he fighting evil, or up to evil? 

You might even find a penguin in the dessert.

These guys were playing in the outdoor shopping village between Planet Hollywood and MGM

I remember this guy being at O'Sheas for as long as I have been coming to Las Vegas.  He may not be around much longer because they are going to tear O'Sheas down. 

Do you see that huge snake she has over her shoulder?  Yikes!!   Scares me.  I sure didn't want to get real close.     

Later as I was walking, she walked by me and it was all I could do not to jump out of the way.  HATE SNAKES!!

Here is a drunken Mickey Mouse trying to get your tips.   I think it is pathetic and would not give them a cent.   They probably go back to their expensive homes at night.    I bet they make more than most of us do.

The ones that really make me mad, are the people who bring their pets out in the hot sun to beg tips from us.    I was so upset about it that I would not even take a picture of any of them with pets.


  1. Emily5:17 AM

    Isn't it crazy some of the things you see when you visit Las Vegas?

  2. The strip is one place that I feel safe walking in Las Vegas, even with all the crazy people out there, I still feel safe.


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