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Four Seasons Flea & Farm Market ~ Youngstown Ohio

Four Seasons Flea & Farm Market
3000 McCartney Road
Youngstown, Ohio
3 miles West of the Pennsylvania
border on Route 422
It is our Biweekly ritual that we go to the Four Seasons Flea and Farm Market.   Parking is at a premium so you need to get there early or you will be parking in Egypt.

We happend to luck into a place really close to all the action.

There are many different vendor selling their fruits and vegetables so I always check around first before I buy anything.

If you are wanting to buy flowers and vegetable plants for your garden, you will have many to choose from.  We buy most of our garden plants here at a very good price.

Buying fruits, vegetables and plants can be a lot of work so now it is time to unwind and look at some junk.    Whoops,  Did I say junk?   I ment to say antiques and gently used household goods, tools, toys etc.  

Some days it takes forever to make our rounds through Four Seasons and you may have to use the Out House before getting in your car to ride home.


  1. Emily5:15 AM

    This is for sure one place I will be visiting. Youngstown isn't far from New Castle right?

  2. Flea markets are a great place to spend a day. I love looking for antiques.


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