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China Town Plaza Las Vegas

We love Chinese food so it was a sure thing that we would check out the China Town Plaza near Las Vegas.

I spied a Chinese grocery store so I had to go check it out.  There are so many things available there that I have no way of getting at home.   Since we had to fly back home, we didn't buy everything I wanted to.

From the moment we arrived, we were talking about where we were going to eat.  We weren't super hungry and it was a little chilly outside,  so we decided on a nice bowl of soup.    I am not going to tell you where we ate, because there are so many great restaurants there that you will have a really hard time choosing.

Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza
4255 Spring Mountain Road #C201
Las Vegas · Nevada · 89102


  1. My favorite thing to get in China Town in Vegas is Thai (Boba/bubble) Tea without the Boba. So yummy!

  2. I seen the bubble tea, but not sure if I can drink it. I am on an alkaline diet and didn't want to chance it.

  3. Emily5:16 AM

    Oh My Goodness. I was just in Las Vegas last year and had no idea there was a China Town. Next trip I am going to go here.

  4. That soup looks amazing. I think on our next visit, I am going to check this place out.


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