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Las Vegas Planet Hollywood ~ Indoor Rainstorm In The Miracle Mile Shops

There aren't many places where you can go and see an indoor rainstorm.  I  happened to run on to this years ago while walking through the Miracle Mile Shops when Alladin owned this instead of Planet Hollywood.    

Check out my Audingo Stress Ball standing just out side of the rainstorm.  I won this Audingo Stress Ball on their Audingo facebook page.  They also have an Audingo Twitter page.   Stop by and say hello to them.

This little rainstorm is really worth checking out.   It is so relaxing watching it rain and staying dry just outside the rainstorm.


  1. Emily5:43 AM

    Thanks for putting the times of this in. I want to see this on our next visit.

  2. You are a wealth of information. I can't believe I have never seen this. So Cool!


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