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Las Vegas Imperial Palace ~ Dealertainers

When you are near the Imperial Palace in the evening hours, be sure to run in and check out the Dealertainers who will get up on the small stage in their area and entertain you.

We happened to be walking through and one my favorite singers Rod Stewart was being impersonated.

Ya gotta love Rod Stewart!!


  1. Emily5:23 AM

    Aren't they going to tear down the Imperial Palace?

    1. They're remodelling it, and they're going to rename it, and integrate it into the Linq, but they're not tearing it down.

  2. Umbagollah,
    Thank you so much for clearing that up. We used to go to Las Vegas 2 to 3 times a year and I would know what was going on. Now, we maybe go once a year.

  3. You're welcome. I know people who work there, so they keep me up to date on the construction work.

  4. Once they remodel it, I bet the price of rooms go way up. They need to come down on the price, especially with all the other casinos going up in other states.


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