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Las Vegas Caesars Palace ~ Changing Sky ~ Forum Shops

If you have extra time and want to see the sky change inside of Caesars Palace, be sure to stop by the Forum Shops.  You don't have to buy anthing, in fact you can sit out by the fountain and watch the sky change.      The sky takes an hour to change from day to night.   Years ago, it changed according to the time of day but people who came to see it, didn't have 24 hours to waste so now they do it in one hour.

You can sit and relax right near this fountain to watch the skies change.

I love walking indoors on the cobblestone faux streets and feeling like I am outdoors.

If you get tired, find a bench and either listen to the water fountain, watch the sky or do some people watching.


  1. Emily5:26 AM

    I must be out of the loop when I visit Las Vegas becaus I have never seen this.

  2. Of all the times I have been to Las Vegas, I have never seen this either.


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