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Does Anyone Remember Pete Rose?

If you don't remember Pete Rose, he is one of the Baseball Greats from years ago.

Yesterday, I decided to spend some time at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas getting some pictures and just looking around. I was walking by this store in the Forum Shops called Antiguition. I noticed a big sign that said Pete Rose Here!! Now I don't know a lot about baseball but I do know he was very successful at it.

So, I decided to go in just to have a lookie see.

Hows that for timing? I called my Hubs and he came over to look too.

So if you happen to be in Caesars, be sure to walk through the Forum Shops.  You might be surprised at who you will see.


  1. I do remember "Charlie Hustle"!!! Very cool that you got to meet him in person.

  2. Hahaha..... It kind of shows our age doesn't it. LOL.... He is looking older too.

  3. Emily5:29 AM

    I too remember Pete Rose. Getting old kind of sucks.

  4. I don't remember much about Pete Rose, heard the name but thats about it.


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