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Pine Island ~ Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area

Pine Island is in Lee County, in the Cape Coral-Fort Myers metro area.
The latitude of Pine Island is 26.558N. The longitude is -82.1W.

For directions to Pine Island, go to also, here is a little about Pine Island

Below, are pictures of the Randell Research Center on Pine Island, very interesting place.

Look at how scum covered this pond is. If you click the picture you can enlarge it. The ducks on the pond did not even make a ripple in this scum.

While Pine Island automatically provides for superb, passive enjoyment and relaxation, it is also a great place for interactivity and exploring. Enjoy kayaking in the sheltered waters of Matlacha Pass and the Pine Island Sound Aquatic Preserve. Maneuver (or womaneuver) your own canoe through Jug Creek. Camp out at several island facilities or head for those across the sound at Cayo Costa Island State Park (accessible only by boat). Fish off the Matlacha Drawbridge. Hire a fishing guide

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  1. Yuck, look at the slime on that pond. So gross.


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